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The Write Stuff - A Writing Skills Course for English Language Learners

Name The Write Stuff - A Writing Skills Course for English Language Learners
Date Thursday, October 19, 2023
Time 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM

The Write Stuff is an online writing course in Canvas that is designed for Adult Education English Language Learners at Intermediate High and Advanced levels to improve their writing skills. The course has been updated and redesigned in Canvas with new content and activities to help students improve their writing skills. 

The course prepares students: 

• to transition to community college to pursue their academic or career goals. 
• to enter community college at a higher ESL level, so that they spend less time in non-transferable credit classes prior to pursuing their careers.
• to enter a career training program 

This presentation is meant to orient teachers and/or administrators to the course and how it could be incorporated into their ESL curriculum.  The  course itself is available through OTAN at no cost to California adult education agencies.


OTAN Certificates of Attendance are not awarded for this one-hour session.
Location OTAN Online Webinar

Zoom link and info sent after registration

Trainer Francisca Wentworth


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