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* Special Event - Canvas: Your Choice for Learner Access & Equity

Name * Special Event - Canvas: Your Choice for Learner Access & Equity
Date 6/28/2022
Time 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

A partnership between OTAN and CAEP-TAP is offering all adult education providers in the state of California the opportunity to have their own instance of Canvas. This offer is called the California Distance Learning Cooperative (CDLC).

Providing an online alternative for learners to access class materials and resources allows for more flexibility for anyone facing a long-term or even short term barrier to going to an in-person class at your agency. Recent research shows that learners have appreciated the flexibility of services provided by our adult schools during the pandemic, and for many, the use of a learning management system provides the foundation for that flexibility. 

These informational sessions will give administrators a basic understanding of what membership in the California Distance Learning Cooperative can provide their agency, learners and teachers. You’ll learn the basic requirements to become a member of the CDLC, the requirements for entering into a Memorandum of Understanding, and the timeline for full implementation of your own Canvas instance that you can use with learners, or, if you choose, use it for professional development for your staff and teachers. This is an opportunity to ask questions as well.  

Before the session, please take a moment to review the Benefits of CDLC, and the Memorandum of Understanding that will be required for full implementation. Please note that these sessions will not be recorded nor posted on the OTAN or CAEP-TAP web site.

There will be several of these sessions scheduled, so please feel free to register for one, or all of them. If you have any questions please email

Session time (for all)
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm
(last 15 minutes for Q&A)
Session dates
Tuesday - February 22
Tuesday - March 22
Tuesday - April 26
Tuesday - May 24
Tuesday - June 28
Find each of the sessions above on the California Adult Education Professional Development page, by date or by sponsor OTAN.
Certificates of completion will not be awarded for these special webinars.
Location Special Event: CDLC

Zoom link and information sent after registration.

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