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OTAN Tech Talks 05 - Editing Video with Screencastify

Name OTAN Tech Talks 05 - Editing Video with Screencastify
Date 5/14/2021
Time 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Keep your skills current and relevant with education technology, blended learning, distance learning, formative assessments, communications, and more. Join OTAN and take a quick look at the tools, techniques, and tips specifically created for busy adult ed teachers. Every month a new topic will be covered where participants get tips, videos, articles, and individual questions answered!

MAY 2021: Editing Video with Screencastify

Have you ever recorded a video with a lot of mistakes and didn't want to re-record 100 times till it was perfect?! NOW, you don't have to! Learn how to edit out your mistakes or dead air time with Screencastify Editor. PLUS, learn how to add text, how to zoom in, and how to blur out unwanted or confidential information. 

This month's speaker: Audrey Dierdorff, Sweetwater Union HSD Division of Adult and Continuing Education


The OTAN Tech Talks are open forum where any adult educator or staff can present, unlike OTAN webinars, workshops or presentations which are facilitated by certified OTAN Subject Matter Experts and Trainers.

Due to the "open forum" of an OTT, a Certificate of Attendance will NOT be issued.
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OTAN Tech Techs may be requested as workshops and scheduled by qualifying adult education agencies for their staff as targeted professional development.

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Location OTT: Editing Video with Screencastify

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