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** Increasing Equity in Online Learning **

Name ** Increasing Equity in Online Learning **
Date 3/25/2020
Time 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

During this webinar, we’ll discuss various aspects of equity in online learning to include accessibility, access, and representation. We’ll also cover avoiding algorithm-based bias in online activities. Lastly, we’ll discuss the cultural competence continuum and how to transfer cultural competence to your online learning environment so you can create an authentic sense of community while engaging with students virtually.



This online webinar is part of OTAN's "COVID-19" series.

In its effort to serve the Adult Education field during COVID-19 , OTAN will be hosting ** Special Webinars**  related to distance and remote learning techniques, online tools and resources, keeping equity, and a variety of other topics.


Location OTAN Webinar

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