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Google: Sites - (*)

Name Google: Sites - (*)
Date 11/15/2019
Time 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Creating a website used to be very involved, time consuming, and special skills and knowledge were required - that changed dramatically with the online variety of website builders. Creating a website using the Google sites builder allows the user to select from themes, choose different layouts, add pages and more. 

This workshop or series* of workshops will guide participants to creating a website for adult education classes or resources. Participipants will also be given Guidelines for Building a Website, and then be shown how to start the site building process, apply and manipulate a theme, add pages and subpages, create menues, and use different layouts. From there adding resouces like calendars, videos, links to other sites, forms, and shared files will be covered. Other related topics will be covered as well, including domains, sharing, student portfolio sites, and other topics as they arise.

At the end of one session, all participants will have built a functional and published website. More sessions may be scheduled upon request, or as need is determined, to cover more in-depth site building topics.

Prerequisites: All participants must have basic computer skills and know their login information for a public Google ( or Google Workspace for Education ( account.

(*) This title may be scheduled as a series of workshops where each session builds upon the last. All components of a series are available or customizable upon request.

An OTAN Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to those that have pre-registered and attend at least 75% of the scheduled time.
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OTAN workshops may be requested, customized, and scheduled by qualifying adult education agencies for their staff as targeted professional development.

OTAN workshops may be conducted as a "hands-on”, where participants are asked to provide their own devices, as “presentations” where a product or ideas are introduced, or as a discussion where all are encouraged to participate in a conversation around a specific idea or topic.

The desired outcome of every OTAN workshop is that participants will have a working understanding of the application or topics discussed and modeled.

For more information about this or other OTAN workshops and training options, contact

Location Fresno Adult School - Cesar Chavez Campus

2500 Stanislaus

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Trainer Melinda Holt


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