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OTAN Tech Talk April '23: Guidance on the Guidance Document

Name OTAN Tech Talk April '23: Guidance on the Guidance Document
Date Friday, April 14, 2023
Time 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Keep your skills current and relevant with education technology, blended learning, distance learning, formative assessments, communications, and more. Join the OTAN Tech Talks (OTTs) to take a quick look at the tools, techniques, and tips specifically created for busy adult ed teachers. Every month a new topic will be covered where participants get tips, videos, articles, and individual questions answered!

April 2023 OTT:  Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Adult Ed Instruction

The start of 2023 kicked off with a flurry of discussions and debates around student plagiarism and cheating as educators realized the potential of the text generation AI ChatGPT-3. The proliferation of AI tools raises questions about how education must change fundamentally to keep up with technological advances. With the right mindset, teachers can leverage these tools to great advantages, but like any technology, AI is only a tool, not something teachers should adopt without creative and critical thought for how to use it best.

Attend this presentation for a brief overview of just a few of the countless AI tools that can be used in adult education. Gain insights into the potential of AI for creating customized class materials, generating ideas, and enhancing instruction. A list of resources and AI tools serving a variety of purposes will be provided for further exploration.


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Location OTAN Online Webinar

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Trainer Kristi Reyes


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