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Proctor Remote Testing Certification

Name Proctor Remote Testing Certification
Date Ongoing
Time Open

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The purpose of this training is to support CASAS eTests proctors in remote testing.

  • It is optional but highly recommended by CASAS.
  • Local agencies must ensure that proctors are trained for remote testing.
  • State or local agencies may require remote proctors to take this training and complete certification.
Training Objectives
  • Provide information about proctor requirements for remote testing.
  • Describe the proctor remote training certification process.
  • Convey key points about proctoring remote testing.
  • Provide information about additional training resources for remote testing on the CASAS website.
  • Describe remote testing procedures to prepare for testing and for giving the test.
  • Identify technical requirements for proctors and test-takers.
Location CASAS Training, Available 24/7 CA
Trainer Remote Testing
Seats 337 / 9999
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