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Using Questioning Strategies to Improve Instruction, Session 2 (Calipatria)

Name Using Questioning Strategies to Improve Instruction, Session 2 (Calipatria)
Start 6/5/2019 9:00 AM
End 6/5/2019 12:00 PM
Description Are you frustrated at not getting the right answers from your students? Maybe it’s because you are not asking the right questions! This course offers questioning strategies that foster higher-order thinking skills while developing responses beyond the level of recall. Help students connect the dots as they process new information to answer questions designed with a purpose.
Goals By the end of the session, participants will be able to:Use the Revision of Blooms Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain and Webbs Depth of Knowledge model to select and ask questions that elicit higher-order thinking.Identify how Text Dependent Questions deepen learners understanding of the text in order to select or develop TDQs for your own course materials.
Location Calipatria State Prison, Room 521-107 7018 Blair Road Calipatria, CA 92233
Facilitator Kristi Reyes
Contact For information about the workshop: (916) 286-8804 For assistance with online registration/technical support: (916) 286-8803 CALPRO 2151 River Plaza Drive, Suite 320 Sacramento, CA 95833 E-mail:
Registration Information
Registration is free. Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Title II: Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (WIOA, Title II: AEFLA) funded programs are eligible to apply.

Registration Deadline for both sessions is: March 29, 2019. By enrolling in Session 1, you will automatically be enrolled in Session 2.

Session 1: April 4 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Session 2: June 5 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.
NOTE: If you do not work for Calipatria State Prison, you will need to complete a clearance form and follow dress code regulations.