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Adult Learning and Development (Self-Directed Online)

Name Adult Learning and Development (Self-Directed Online)
Start 4/25/2020 00:00:00
End 4/26/2020 23:59:00
Description This self-paced course supports independent professional development; there is no facilitator nor other participants. This course provides each individual with a blog as a learning journal. Sign up now and access the class for 3 months. There is no official start or end date to worry about.

This course examines how adults learn and the implications for adult literacy programs. It explores the unique characteristics of adult learners as well as adult motivation, needs, and self-concept and their effect on learning. The course also explores adult development and the implications for effective teaching.

Click here to register: Online Self-Paced Course Registration
Goals The course is free of charge to Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funded programs.
Location Moodle Learning Management System (Online)
Contact Please contact CALPRO at or toll-free at 800-427-1422 for more information.
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