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Application Deadline: Online Integrated Education and Training (IET) Implementation Clinic (Spring 2023)

Name Application Deadline: Online Integrated Education and Training (IET) Implementation Clinic (Spring 2023)
Start 2/17/2023 00:30:00
End 2/17/2023 23:30:00
Description The California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO), in conjunction with the California Department of Education (CDE), is seeking applications for CALPRO’s Integrated Education and Training (IET) Implementation Clinic (the Clinic). We are seeking agency teams consisting of an IET program administrator, an English as a Second Language instructor and a Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructor. We will accept up to 8 agency teams (of 3 staff members) for participation in the Clinic which begins in February and concludes in May 2023. There are 4 principal features of this unique online professional learning opportunity. The innovative format of the Implementation Clinic features two day-long virtual training sessions; three live, interactive online sessions; ongoing online discussions, and completion of a capstone project and presentation of the project at the second day-long session. To apply, each member of the agency team must complete the application by 5:00 PM on February 17, 2023. Notifications of acceptance will occur by Friday, February 24, 2023. (Please note that each member of your 3-person agency team is required to submit an application.) Click here to access the application.
Goals Membership and participation are free of charge and open to all California adult education funded programs. Preference will be given to IET program team staff working in an Integrated EL Civics IET program that is funded through Section 243 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Title II: Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (WIOA, Title II: AEFLA) grant. Not sure if youre eligible? Let CALPRO help: email <a href=""></a> or call 1-916-286-8817.
Location Online
Facilitator Topics will be tailored to the needs of the participating practitioners and identified through the application process. Sample topics may include Starting Strong: Developing the Team Teaching Partnership; Co-Teaching & Alternating Teaching: Which model, Why, and How?; Developing a Single Set of Learning Objectives & Integrating Lesson Plans; Building an Integrated Syllabus; Promising Intake & Onboarding Strategies for IET; Action Planning: Process Considerations, Potential Challenges and Solutions to Address Challenges; and IET and Distance Learning: Considerations & Strategies
Contact Contact Kevin Belcher at or (202) 403-6127.
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