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Motivation and Persistence for Adult Learners (Online)

Name Motivation and Persistence for Adult Learners (Online)
Start 4/17/2023 00:00:00
End 5/14/2023 23:30:00
Description This course will examine nine strategies that help learners persist and offer adult educators the opportunity to practice and internalize them. The course focuses on motivation and persistence and is relevant for teachers and instructional leaders from all content areas within adult education. This course takes place entirely online and runs for four consecutive weeks, from 4/17/2023 – 5/14/2023. Weekly participation is required, though participants may, during a given week, log in whenever they wish. A kick-off Webinar will take place during the first week. Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate of participation (14 hours); they are also eligible to apply to California State University Sacramento for 1.4 Continuing Education Units if they wish. Enrollment verification with course login instructions will be sent to participants by 4/14/2023.
Goals There is no registration fee to participate; CALPRO professional development opportunities are available to all California Adult Education Program (CAEP) agencies and employees.
Location Online
Facilitator There are a number of research-based strategies for helping adults persist in reaching their education goals. The goal of this course is to expose teachers to nine of these strategies, provide opportunities for practice, and encourage the incorporation of these strategies into instructional practice.
Contact Please contact Kevin Belcher at or call 202-403-6127 for more information.
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