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Health Literacy in Adult Education Webinar

Name Health Literacy in Adult Education Webinar
Start 2/2/2021 13:00:00
End 2/2/2021 14:00:00
Description Health literacy is always an important component of education but has become even more crucial. Research shows that students with limited education have more health problems, greater difficulty understanding health information, and higher rates of hospitalization. Embedding health literacy into adult education classrooms can provide students with the skills they need to navigate health systems. Join this professional development opportunity to examine tools and techniques for practitioners hoping to incorporate health literacy into their instruction.
Goals This course is free of charge to all California Adult Education Program (CAEP) agencies.
Location Online
Facilitator The objective of this training is to assist educators in ensuring their students have the skills to communicate clearly with health care providers, ask clarifying questions, evaluate the available information, and make informed decisions. Topics will include best practices, lesson plan ideas, and resources for health literacy instruction.
Contact If you need additional information, please contact Marcela Movit
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