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2020-2021 Professional Learning Communities (Session 2)

Name 2020-2021 Professional Learning Communities (Session 2)
Start 5/5/2021 09:00:00
End 5/7/2021 15:00:00
Description The PLC Institute prepares teams of school/agency representatives to establish results-oriented and process-driven teacher groups who collaborate to identify student learning challenges, set learning goals associated with those challenges, and collectively identify instructional and assessment strategies that most effectively help students meet the goals.
Goals This institute is open to all California adult education funded programs. The Agency Director/Principal and at least one nominated lead teacher or PD staff member will participate as a team in the CALPRO Professional Learning Community Institute. The application deadline was October 16, 2020.
Location The web address for the virtual session will be provided to accepted participants.
Facilitator At the Institute you will learn how to:

• Shift school culture to focus on learning results.

• Learn and apply PLC processes to achieve better results for the students you serve.

• Establish collaborative teams to identify essential student learning.

• Work collaboratively to develop common formative assessments for learning.

• Work collaboratively to analyze evidence of student learning and use that evidence to learn from one another.

• Embed professional development that fosters the ongoing processes of collective inquiry and action research.
Contact For questions email:, or call 916-286-8814.
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