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Middle-Skills Job Preparation in Adult Education (Self-Directed Online)

Name Middle-Skills Job Preparation in Adult Education (Self-Directed Online)
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Do you wonder how to integrate employability skills into your adult education setting to support workforce preparation for middle skills jobs? Employability skills also referred to as 21st-century workplace skills, soft-skills or non-cognitive skills, are needed by our adult education students for readiness and success regardless of the industry or job position. This course will provide an overview of the middle skills jobs landscape, an employability skills framework and highlight strategies and hands-on resources to connect the needed employability skills for these jobs within the adult education setting (estimated course completion time: up to 15 hours).

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Goals This course is free of charge to all California adult education programs.
Location Online
Facilitator By the end of the course, participants will be able to: • Define “middle-skill jobs” and provide several examples. • Define “employability skills” and explain why they are important. • Categorize employability skills using the Employability Skills Framework. • Describe the connections between the Employability Skills Framework and the College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards for Adult Education. • Apply the Employability Skills Framework to their lesson plans to identify ways to improve their instruction.
Contact Please contact CALPRO at or at 916-286-8803 for more information.
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