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Teaching Critical Thinking Skills (Self-Directed Online)

Name Teaching Critical Thinking Skills (Self-Directed Online)
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This three-part online course is entirely self-directed and self-paced. Individuals work through the course on their own, or if they wish, team up with colleagues to work together. Participants may complete as many units as they wish (estimated course completion time: up to 15 hours), logging in whenever convenient. This course explores the nature of critical thinking and metacognition as well as the relationships among critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. It considers the process, results, and various levels of critical thinking. It presents the concept of metacognition as a key attribute of critical thinking. It also distinguishes between simple and complex problems. Participants are encouraged to think about how these concepts can be taught in their classrooms. This course features excerpts of recordings from CALPRO’s online workshops on Teaching Critical Thinking Skills.

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Goals This course is free of charge to all California adult education programs.
Location Online
Facilitator Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will be able to: - Define critical thinking and metacognition; - Identify levels of critical thinking; - Distinguish between didactic teaching and teaching for critical thinking; - Plan classroom activities that require critical thinking; - Plan activities to assist students in developing metacognitive skills. - Distinguish between simple and complex problems; - Explain the relationship between critical thinking and problem solving; - Plan classroom instruction that reflects the most adequate decision making processes, based on research.
Contact Please contact CALPRO at or at 916-286-8803 for more information.
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