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Learner Goal Setting in Adult Education Programs (Self-Directed Online)

Name Learner Goal Setting in Adult Education Programs (Self-Directed Online)
Start 7/30/2022 00:00:00
End 7/30/2022 23:30:00
Description This self-directed course supports independent professional development; there is no facilitator nor other participants. This course provides each individual with a blog as a learning journal. Sign up now and access the class for 3 months, there is no official start or end date to worry about. Did you know that one of the major factors contributing to learner persistence is goal setting with the learner? Did you know that learners most often cite as a reason for dropping out that their classes didn't meet their needs and expectations? Learn how to set realistic goals with each learner and then revisit and revise goals throughout the semester so that students feel comfortable that your class is meeting their needs (estimated course completion time: up to 15 hours)
Goals This course is free of charge to all California adult education programs.
Location Online
Contact Please contact or call 916-286-8803 for more information.
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