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Region 3 - Central California: CAEP Regional Network Meeting

Name Region 3 - Central California: CAEP Regional Network Meeting
Date 08/17/2020 01:00 PM
Description Back by popular demand! The second iteration of the CAEP Regional Network Meetings will kick-off the 2020-21 program year. All CAEP practitioners are welcome to participate in this collaborative environment. The purpose of the regional network meetings is to provide a platform where CAEP adult education practitioners can engage with one another, CAEP leadership, adult education partners, and other invited guests to share practices, ideas and solutions addressing some important issues impacting student programming and outcomes, program policy and data and accountability. P.S.: There are six loosely identified regions across the state. You are welcome to register to attend the meeting for your region and/or other regions. Stanislaus Mother Lode; Merced; Salinas Valley; West Hills; State Center; Sequoias; Kern; W. Kern
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