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Applied Digital Skills Course

Name Applied Digital Skills Course
Date 11/18/2019 01:00 PM
Description Applied Digital Skills is a free, flexible video-based curriculum that prepares students for the growing number of jobs that require basic digital skills, such as email and spreadsheets. Hundreds of hours of free lessons and instructional videos, presented in digestible activities for 7th-12th grade or adult learners, guide students through engaging and practical compu-projects that equip them with the computer and soft skills that will help them succeed at school, in the workplace and in life. Applied Digital Skills teaches a wide range of lessons in computer and digital literacy using practical soft skills for life and work. The curriculum includes lessons such as Using Google to Get a Job, Planning and Budget, and Digital Tools for Every Day. Each lesson, though focused to specific projects, encourages students to apply the skills they learn to other relevant, real-life problems and situations
Location 10474 Mather Blvd
Mather,CA 95608
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