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CAEP Data Dive Part I

Name CAEP Data Dive Part I
Date 03/25/2019 12:00 PM
Description Join Neil Kelly and Jay Wright as they explore simple questions about agency data such as: • How many adult education program students that enroll – actually make it into an instructional program? • Of those students in an instructional program, how many are showing any progress as defined by AEBG/AEP metrics? • Of students that attempt pre/post-testing, how many stay in program long enough to generate a pre/post-test pair? Part I will review several concrete examples and focus on the agency level, using features such as drill down and right-click options to “dive deeper” into local data results from the ground level, with emphasis on the specific steps needed to answer the underlying questions from AEP office, as well as several other agency level examples.
Location CA
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